Trance Reading



During a trance reading, I will go into a deep trance and allow Archangel Raziel to enter my physical body. He will then deliver a live personal message for you. You will have the opportunity to ask Achangel Raziel questions which he will answer for you. This reading may also include other forms of channeling such as intuitive/psychic, medium and/or mentoring, which will all be divinely guided. 

Due to the physical nature of these readings, they need to occur over video chat applications, such as Skype or FaceTime. Please have an open mind when going into these readings and do not proceed with one if you are afraid of communicating with spirit.

You may choose between 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes. AT CHECKOUT PLEASE "ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER" WITH YOUR PREFERENCE BETWEEN SKYPE (AND INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME) OR FACETIME (AND INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER). Once you have purchased, scheduled, and included your contact information, I will contact you at the time of your reading.

Please note that trance channeling can be taxing on the physical medium's body and mind, thus they will not include a trance state in their entirety; they may include other forms of channeling, especially the longer readings. The 120 minute sessions will be full-service, in-depth readings and will include most all forms of channeling.