Tarot Reading



Tarot readings include connection with divine spirit through the art of tarot. Guided by your divine team, I will connect through tarot cards to relay any messages and guidance meant for you. There are three different types of readings to choose from, including General readings, Twin Flame/Soulmate readings, or Past Life readings. Depending on which reading you choose and the duration of your chosen reading, you may have different card layouts. 

General Readings: Answer any questions you may have about your incarnation/path here on the Earth, and provide guidance and direction regarding your path and purpose.

Twin Flame/Soulmate Readings: Answer any questions you may have about your twin flame or soulmate(s) here in this lifetime, and provide guidance and direction to finding them or understanding them.

Past Life Readings: Answer any questions you may have regarding previous lifetimes and provide clarity about how they affect your current incarnation on the Earth.

You may choose between 30 or 60 minutes. All tarot readings are prerecorded and delivered via email. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT. Once you have purchased, scheduled, and included your contact information, I will begin your reading at the time that you have scheduled and will send you your recorded reading via email. Please allow 48 hours following your scheduled reading time to allow for technicalities due to sending such large files.